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Workplace Nurseries - Benefits for Nursery Providers

How offering the workplace nursery benefit to your nursery
clientele can help your business?

  • Parents using your nursery can save significant sums off the cost of their monthly nursery fees
  • You receive one payment at the start of each month, for the full months nursery fees
  • You receive additional financial support for your nursery from the companies that you partner with. This is up to £1200 per family per year that you receive, over and above the monthly nursery fees and you can spend this on the running and upkeep of your nursery
  • This benefit makes a huge difference to the finances of the parents using your nursery and will attract new parents to your nursery

Childcare Provider Information

Why offer childcare vouchers?

  • You are making childcare more affordable for the parents who use you.
  • Parents more likely to use you compared to carers that do not accept childcare vouchers
  • Receive payments directly into your bank account on time, every time
  • E-mail confirmation for each payment made to you
  • Find out more 0800 781 1652

The Enjoy Benefits Childcare Vouchers Scheme makes it quick and easy for you to get paid

  • Set up a childcare vouchers account with us in minutes
  • Redeem childcare vouchers with us on-line, by phone or simply arrange for payments to go into your account automatically.
  • Each payment to you is individually referenced
  • Direct payments with you in 3 working days.

Guide for Carers

  • Our free guide contains all the information you need to know about accepting and receiving money for Enjoy Benefits Childcare Vouchers.
  • Download here