Employee Rewards Schemes

Staff are more motivated, loyal and more likely to commit to a company when there's a raft of employee reward schemes in place.

But unlike certain employee benefit programmes, you can have the benefits of great employee reward schemes at your workplace without - or at little - any cost to you the employer.

Enjoy Benefits can also help you design a bespoke package of benefits to fit the needs of your company and employees; for example, a high number of working parents suggest childcare reward schemes would help incetivise your tsaff the most.

From multi-national companies to small businesses, employers are reaping great benefits from employee reward schemes.

We have a wide range of employee rewards for you to choose and help your employees become motivated, time-efficient, contented workers.

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Our Range of Benefits Include

Childcare Benefits

We have two Childcare Benefit Reward Schemes on offer:

Childcare Vouchers – These can be used to pay for a range of childcare services such as child-minders, breakfast clubs, nannies, after school clubs, nursery care etc. They offer flexibility to the employee and are easy for the employer to administer, as we can set them up for you. Given working parents can make savings of up to £900 plus a year, they are a reward scheme that never fails to motivate working parents.

Nursery Workplace Provision -This popular benefit provides childcare for the employee in the workplace. For the employer, we’ll help you establish a relationship with a Nursery or range of Nurseries. It’s free of Tax and NI charges and allows your employees to return to work and continue with their employment. It helps you hold onto valuable staff.

See more about our Childcare Reward Schemes

Wellness Rewards

This employee reward scheme offers a broad spectrum of programmes, designed with the overall health and fitness of your staff in mind. It includes Dental plans; Positive posture; Employee Assistance Programme; Gym membership; Healthcare cash plans; Wellbeing programmes; Alcohol and drug solutions at work; Stop smoking; Private Medical Insurance. It makes your company a more attractive place to work, thereby improving staff morale and helps you attract quality personnel to your organisation. It’s a great aid to staff retention and has been found to reduce staff absenteeism.

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Travel Rewards

Our travel orientated reward scheme offersCar parking season tickets, Fuel cards and the Cycle to work options.

Car Parking Season Tickets - Annual car parking tickets allow your employees to park at a convenient car park for a fraction of the usual price. They benefit from a corporate rate, paid up front by the company and recouped from their gross salary. Your business will also make a saving in employer national insurance of 13.8%.

Fuel cards – These give savings of up to 10p per litre on motorway prices and 5p per litre elsewhere. All refuelling is on a single weekly invoice, paid by direct debit. No more refuelling administration, you also get up to two weeks interest-free credit and reclaiming the VAT is easy.

Cycle to Work – This benefit allows staff to get a quality, reliable bike at a significantly reduced cost. Cycling to work brings a number of obvious benefits such as improved fitness and reduced overall travel costs. It also allows employees to save the tax and national insurance on the value of their bike and accessories (up to a maximum of £1000)

See more about our Travel Reward Schemes.

Employer Support

HR & Health & Safety Support - The majority of our benefits are aimed at motivating employees, but we also have HR and Health & Safety specialists who can give you advice either for a specific project, problem or on an on-going basis. You’re not tied to a contract. All advice is practical, business focused and cost effective. We can offer help with employee handbooks, contracts, simple induction packs and health and safety policies through to advice on redundancy, staff discipline, grievance procedures and employment tribunals.

Payroll Services – This will allow your finance team to focus on core finance priorities. You don’t have to invest in payroll software, or worry about keeping up to date with the ever changing calculations relating to tax, NI, SMP, SSP and other deductions.

Business Photography - Professionally done, it can create unique images to help your business stand out from your competitors. Make your publicity literature stand out from the herd.

Team Building – We can help organisations that have become stagnant, teams that are non- functional and individuals who are apathetic. Play changes how people work together. When people play, they relax, they open up, they’re then more receptive to changing their behaviour.

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Communication Rewards

We can offer your employee’s big savings on computers and mobile phones through salary sacrifice. You the employer save in employers’ N.I. contribution of 13.8%. Employees can save up to 52% on a mobile phone & tariffs from Orange and Three with calling plans and up to 26% in savings on products from leading manufacturers such as Apple, Acer, Toshiba and Samsung.

Benefits to the Employer include: Fully HMRC Compliant Scheme; Savings in employers national insurance of 13.8%; A consumer credit License is required; Dedicated website and marketing communications provided; Web based enrolment with minimum HR resource required.

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These are just some of the great schemes that can be introduced to your business, usually cost-neutral to yourself.

Simply sit back and reap the rewards that such benefits bring with a healthier and happier workplace.

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