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FAQ section for childcare providers and childcare voucher schemes

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As a childcare provider how do I track payments made to me?

Each payment we make is referenced with the child's name and the voucher number, by default.

This makes it quick and simple for you to identify whose bill the payment should be allocated to.

If you wish to use a reference number specific to your accounting procedures, relating to the parent or child, this information can be added in your account, in the 'parents' section.

There is also another override reference you can use if needed, this is within your own account in the payment options, and would be applied to all payments to you.

We also send out remittance emails to yourself and the parent when we make payments.

What do I have to do to accept childcare vouchers from parents?

Call us on 0800 781 1652 and we will set your account up for you or simply use the registration form online. All we then need is a copy of your Ofsted/Surestart/Other registration certificate to verify your account.

How do we receive payment?

You can either choose to receive payment by Direct Bank transfer or we can post you a cheque. Direct bank transfer is by far the quickest and most reliable method.

You can have single or 'grouped' payments

How do we redeem vouchers or claim payment?

You can either submit the voucher numbers using your online account or simply telephone 0800 781 1652 and quote the voucher number and post code.

There is also a voucher redemption automated telephone line, simply leave the first 6 digits of the voucher number and your postcode, remember to speak clearly.

You can also register for the automatic payment system where the parents vouchers will be paid in automatically on the valid from date. It requires the parent to subscribe too and have cleared funds in their voucher account, simply ask the parent to subscribe

Will Enjoy Benefits Ltd pay any late fees incurred by the parent if we receive late payment?

Under normal circumstances we do NOT accept any liability for any late fees incurred for late payment of fees. It is entirely the responsibility of the parent to ensure their account is up to date.

And it is the responsibility of the childcare provider to keep their bank accounts details correct

How quickly will we receive payment?

We process payments every day normally between 3 and 4pm, 15:00/16:00hrs. You should normally receive this into your bank account, if the payment is by direct bank transfer, within 3 working days.

The direct bank transfer system is a bulk payment system run by the Banking Organisations and differs slightly from normal online payments from within a personal or business account. We submit payments on the evening of the first day and the payment should reach your account on the morning of the 3rd day.

We currently do not use the new 'Faster payment' scheme that some banks offer, but we do use online direct bank transfer payments in speciall cases, but we do not use Chaps.

Cheques can take a little longer to process and then of course you are at the mercy of the postal system. And then you have to wait for the cheque to clear!!

How can we check if payment has been made to us?

We always send out a remittance email when payment is made and you can always check from your online account as to which vouchers have been remitted. It will give you the date the payment left us.

If you cannot receive emails we can arrange SMS messages to be sent to you

Any problems, just let us know on 0800 781 1652

What information do I need to give the parent?

As a childcare provider you can set up an account online or by ringing us and registering over the phone. All the parent needs to allocate payment to you is your name, postcode and contact number. Enjoy Benefits Ltd can then link your account with theirs.

If I have a query on my account, will I need to quote an account number when I contact you?

If you have any query on your account or wish to redeem a voucher over the phone, all we will ask for is your postcode and the name of the nursery, it is that simple.

How can I amend the details you hold?

To amend details Enjoy Benefits Ltd hold for you, you can login to your online account using your email address and password, or you can send us an email quoting the name, postcode and ofsted number you are registered under and the details you wish to change. We will then email you back to confirm the changes have been made.

Do I need a separate account for each parent taking vouchers?

No. You only need only one account with us to receive payments from all parents taking our vouchers.

What do I need to do if a parent pays me too much?

If a parent overpays you for any reason, you my be asked to refund the overpaid amount to Enjoy Benefits Ltd. The parent or employer should not be refunded directly.

Can parents use more than one childcare voucher to pay their fees?

Yes vouchers are valid for 12 months so some parents may have saved them up to use at a later date.

I have received a payment and I am not sure which child it is for. How can I find out?

You can contact Enjoy Benefits Ltd, who can look into this for you, or when you set up with us you have access to an online account, you can login and view vouchers that have been paid to you.

All payments we make are referenced with child name and voucher number, however if you wish your own reference please let us know and we will update this on the system.

Do you have any posters that I can use?

Yes we do, you can choose from the following:

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