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FAQ section for the corporate gym membership scheme

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Can I add my partner or kids/family to the corporate gym membership?

Yes, you will need to confirm this with your employer first as most gyms and leisure centres offer a family membership.

What if I am already a member of a gym?

If you already a member of a gym or leisure centre and you have a fully paid up membership, you need to wait until your renewal is due. Let us know your renewal date and we will get you on the corporate rate once the date is near.

If you are on a monthly direct debit contract it may be possible to switch you onto the corporate rate, we can check for you.

What if I leave my employment or stop my membership mid contract?

If you leave your employment half way through the year then any amount owed is taken from your final salary which means you can still carry on using the gym

The same applies if you want to stop membership

Are there different types of memberships to choose from?

Yes, most gyms offer different prices for peak and off peak – we will be able to confirm both these to you for you to choose from.

There are quite often offers and deals, such as in the New Year, to take advantage of.

Will Enjoy Benefits Ltd always be the best membership price?

Enjoy Benefits will always try to get the best price, plus you make a saving in NI.

Even with the £32 admin fee we are often the cheapest

What gyms take part in the scheme?

A network of local leisure centers and national gym chains are already signed up with Enjoy Benefits.

You tell us the gym you want to join and we simply confirm their annual corporate rate so you can decide whether or not to go ahead.

If you want to join a gym, leisure centre or health club that’s not yet signed with us, we’ll contact them to get their corporate rates and terms and conditions

Is there a maximum value of corporate gym memberships?

No, at the present time there is no limit on membership fee amount

Is it just gyms or can other fitness clubs be used?

The legislation is specific to gyms and leisure centres

Karate lessons, swimming club, yoga, golf, fishing etc are not covered unless they are part of a gym or leisure centre membership

I am moving house; can I move my membership to a gym nearer to me?

Yes – most gyms are happy to transfer the membership to another setting.

How do I save money with a corporate gym membership and salary sacrifice?

Enjoy Benefits have negotiated corporate rates for 12 month memberships. These can be anything from 10% up to 50% less than standard published rates.

The company pays the annual membership for you and then re-coups it from your gross salary over a 12 month period.

By sacrificing salary, you also make a saving in employees national insurance, which can be a further saving of up to 12%.

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