Healthcare Cash Plan

Claim back the cost of their regular healthcare treatments, such as eye tests, dental treatment or physiotherapy.

Benefits to your business and employees

  • Can be extended to family members
  • Most claims are settled within 5 working days
  • No medical required to join


How will a Healthcare Cash Plan benefit my business?

Provide your employees with access to a tangible cost effective healthcare benefit they can use on a regular basis. Reduced absenteeism. If employees know they have cover in place to pay towards dental, optical or physio costs they are more likely to go proactively for preventative check-ups, hopefully leading to earlier diagnosis of any health issues rather than waiting they become serious with the associated time away from work. If you operate a Private Medical Insurance scheme (PMI) the Cash Plan can help towards excess payments (if applicable) for certain types of treatment.

How will a Healthcare Cash Plan help my employees?

  • Tangible healthcare benefit employees can use on a regular basis
  • Helps your employees’ salaries go further with money back for optical, dental treatment, physio and more
  • Family members can also be included on the scheme
  • Range of levels of cover available to suit individual needs and budgets
  • Many employees don’t set aside money on a month to month basis to pay towards things like dental costs. In the event they have an emergency or problems are diagnosed during routine checkups, the financial impact can be considerable. A Cash Plan helps meet these unexpected costs
  • Encourages your staff to think proactively about their health
  • Can work alongside hospital treatment insurance or existing Private Medical Insurance to provide more comprehensive cover

How much does a Healthcare Cash Plan cost?

The employer provides a cashplan on a company paid basis. Many employers choose to provide a certain level of company paid cover and the employee simply upgrades to a higher level or adds family members at their own cost. This upgrade amount can be collected from salary.

How does the Healthcare Cash Plan work?

A Healthcare Cash Plan is a type of policy that lets employees claim back the cost of their regular healthcare treatments, such as eye tests, dental treatment or physiotherapy. When an employee receives treatment, they send the receipt to the Cash Plan Provider and it reimburses them directly. Most claims are settled within 5 working days and the funds transferred into the employees’ bank account. There are four levels of cover to choose from with 100% reimbursement on cash benefits (up to set limits), there is no medical required to join and cover is immediate which includes pre-existing medical conditions.

Benefit Payback Level 1 Cover
Dental 100% Up to £60
Dental Accidents 100% Up to £200
Optical 100% Up to £60
Health Screening 100% Up to £100
Specialist Consultation 100% Up to £200
Wellbeing 100% Up to £150
Complementary Therapies 100% Up to £50
Chiropody / Podiatry 100% Up to £20
Hospital In-Patient Up to 28 nts Up to £10
Day Case Up to 10 vsts Up to £10
Hospital Parental Stay Up to 28 nts Up to £10
Prescriptions - 1
Confidential Counselling Helplines tick
Worldwide cover Up to 28 nts tick

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