Healthcare Cash Plans – from £0.85 per week

Healthcare cash plans can be extended to family members to provide proactive and emergency health care

How a Healthcare Cash Plan works for you

  • A Healthcare Cash Plan lets you claim back the cost of regular healthcare treatments, eg. eye tests, dental treatment, physiotherapy
  • Provides support in areas such as MRI Scans and health screening.
  • When you receive treatment, you send the receipt to the Cash Plan Provider and they reimburse you.
  • Most claims are settled within 5 working days by bank transfer.
  • Can enhance any PMI or hospital treatment insurance you have
  • Premiums do not increase with age, there is no medical required to join and cover is immediate, including pre-existing medical conditions.

How will this benefit me and my family?

  • Helps your salary go further with money back for optical and dental treatment, physio and more.
  • Family members can also be included on the healthcare cash plan scheme.
  • 4 levels of cover to choose from with 100% reimbursement on cash benefits (up to set limits)
  • Most people don’t set aside money on a month to month basis to pay towards things like dental costs, a Healthcare Cash Plan helps meet these quite often unexpected costs.
  • You can take control of your health, instead of waiting for the unexpected, which will surely happen!

How much will it cost me?

  • Your employer can provide you with a Cash Plan on a ‘company paid’ basis.
  • Healthcare cash plan rates start from as little as £0 .85 per week.
  • Your employer may choose to provide a certain level of ‘company paid’ cover and you can upgrade to a higher level or add family members at your own cost.

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