Work Benefits

Providing work benefits has great advantages for both the employer and employee.

Any employer providing work benefits stands out as being a caring company, one which goes out of its way to think of its staff. As well as helping to attract the best employees, it helps retain them and keeps motivation high.

For employees the benefits are even more tangible, access to schemes they really value that make a difference to their everyday life.

And there are financial benefits for both employer and employee – the employer saving on National Insurance contributions with many of the benefits, the employee too making significant savings from their tax bill.

Enjoy Benefits Ltd are a leading UK expert in work benefits, in short we can help set up and then maintain any benefits you wish to make available to staff. We would also love simply to discuss your needs, to get a feel for which benefits might be right for your company and employees.

Please call us today on 0800 644 3000 to find out which work benefits would work to your advantage.

Work Benefits – Some Key Information

 What are work benefits?

Work benefits are perks available to employees. Some are based on leisure activities, others transport, others still involve health or child care. They are any benefit an employee receives from work outside of their salary.

There are very few employees who cannot benefit from at least one or two work benefits.  

What are some of the most popular work benefits?

At Enjoy Benefits Ltd, we offer a wide range of benefits, have a look round this site for further details.

Among the most popular are cycle to work schemes, childcare vouchers and gym membership – these types of benefits enable employees to save money on items they were already planning to spend on.

These work benefits, and many others too, are increasingly popular because there is almost no work for the employer or employee. Enjoy Benefits Ltd set the scheme up and then run the ongoing administration. 

Whether the benefit is cancer screening, car parking schemes, or car leasing or discount cards, let Enjoy Benefits Ltd do the legwork.

What sort of financial savings are available?

On the cycle to work scheme, employees typically save around 30% on the cost of a new bike, employers save an average of £83per bike through reduced National Insurance contributions.

A car park scheme often reduces car parking costs by 50% and can also reduce car insurance premiums, while an employer saves £125 per employee enrolled in the scheme on average.

Childcare voucher schemes can save an employee close to £1,000 per year, and the employer £250 per employee. Call us for further details on the likely savings on any scheme – as you can see, if you can get 10 people enrolled in two or three schemes the savings for them and the company can be significant. 

 Are work benefits a new thing?

To an extent. Employee perks have always existed of course and employers have long-known the advantage of benefits offsetting their National Insurance contributions.

What is true is that work benefits are now far more widespread. Rather than it being a few perks limited to large companies with HR departments, the benefits are available to all now. Companies such as Enjoy Benefits Ltd set up the benefits and take care of any admin, ensuring that the benefits don’t come at the expense of burdening existing staff members with extra tasks.

What is Enjoy Benefits Ltd’s level of service?

With Enjoy Benefits Ltd, any query from an employee will always be answered the next working day at the latest. Enquiries are typically answered within an hour.

Any business running benefits through us has a personal account manager, and exists as a company name, not a reference number.

We will provide all the leaflets and literature you will ever need to help implement a scheme, while for ongoing schemes we have a range of web-based services available.

You can find out much more about our service, including accreditations here. 

I want to know more about some of the work benefits

We have a wealth of information on this site, have a look here for FAQs on a range of the work benefits. 

I would like to speak to someone about work benefits

We are waiting to take your call! Please call us today on 0800 644 3000 or get in touch via our contact us page. 

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