How do your employees get to work?
The ideal may be shared or public transport, but for many this simply isn’t a viable option. the inflexibility of public transport combined with the lack of regular and reliable buses or trains and the cost means that for some employees, cars are the only real solution for the commute to work.
Once your employees get to work, do they then have the hassle and expense of finding somewhere safe to park?
Would you like a solution that not only doesn’t cost the business anything but makes you a saving too?
Working in conjunction with NCP, Eurocarparks and Q parks, we can provide your employees with annual car park passes at reduced rates, through salary sacrifice. Employees not only get preferential rates but they also make huge savings in tax and national insurance payments too.
This can mean savings of up to 50% which will make a huge difference to their family budge. Most importantly by offering this benefit the company will also make a saving of 13.8% employers national insurance.
More money on your bottom line and happier employees.