The Childcare Voucher Scheme closed on the 4th October 2018 to new applicants.

However, you can now save even more money with the Workplace Nursery Scheme

When you switch to Enjoy Benefits, we do everything for you and keep you updated every step of the way.


Setting up my agreement with Enjoy Benefits for my daughter’s nursery fees was quick and easy and it has benefitted both my family and the nursery financially to quite considerable sums. As a family, we’ve saved £1400 in six months which has been a huge help. To think we’ll be almost £3,000 better off at the end of 12 months is staggering. My daughter’s nursery has used the money it received to improve its garden area. It’s a winning situation all round.

Claire Sanderson, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health

It’s a no-brainer to use the Nursery benefit through Enjoy Benefits. Because the nursery fee comes out of your pay packet before you’re taxed, the saving is significant. I’d recommend it to all parents!

Mr. Tozer, Parent
Work Place Nursery is a superb benefit to both employer and employee. We manage our scheme via Enjoy Benefits and I highly recommend them. I see the scheme from both sides of the administration, as an employer and an employee with two children in nursery. The initial paperwork is easy to set-up and the office support from Enjoy Benefits is very efficient. Meeting the Enjoy Benefits co-ordinator at the nursery is always a pleasure and they have always been equally efficient and responsive.
I’m delighted to use the scheme via Enjoy Benefits and share the benefits it affords to the company I work for and the colleagues I work with.
Mrs Forster, Parent and employer
The hub is easy to use and a great way for SMEs to offer Blue Chip benefits to their employees
Optimum RX Group Limited

At Enjoy Benefits we understand that you and your employees are busy day-to-day, therefore our service is simple to set up and administer.

  • Vouchers are automatically created each payroll period
  • Employers receive an email advising them that the vouchers are ready for approval – these can be approved by the employer or Enjoy Benefits
  • After approval the employer receives an invoice by email
  • You can also see a payroll view showing which employees have chosen to take the benefit and how much they need to have deducted from their gross salary
  • We can take payment by Direct Debit or BACS.
  • Employees choose how they wish to receive the benefit: – Accumulating fund of money to pay for future childcare costs – Direct payment to their chosen carer(s) – Paper voucher
  • Employees access their childcare voucher account via our hub or mobile app
  • Payments to childcare providers can be arranged Monday to Friday
  • Simple quick and easy on-line portal
  • Daily payments to childcare providers
  • Tax and NI savings
  • Compatible with other benefits
  • Possible savings greater than Tax Free Childcare (TFC) 

Moving your childcare voucher provision to Enjoy Benefits is simple and straightforward – there’s no additional work for you or your employees. The transition from your existing provider can be done quickly and efficiently and will not impact on your employee’s current carer provision.

  • We contact you to request the employees name, contact details and tax rate
  • We contact each employee by email to obtain the details of their children and the carers they would like to make payments to
  • Each employee has their own unique account on our dedicated benefits hub, which allows them to manage the scheme
  • Full instructions on how to use the hub will be provided in their welcome email
  • Payments made to carers are referenced with the child’s name to ensure they can be assigned quickly and easily

Any vouchers or funds that may be assigned to your existing voucher provider should be used before any vouchers or funds they receive from Enjoy Benefits.

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Speak to an advisor today

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