Employee reward schemes

Are widely used to help show appreciation for great work by staff by great employers

  • Having an employee reward scheme in place allows you to say “thank you”
  • Boost morale within your company
  • Easy to use, you simply decide who is to be rewarded and with what amount, via the hub

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  • You choose which employees are rewarded
  • Your employees can even nominate each other (you choose who gets a reward though!)
  • Enjoy Benefits invoice you for the agreed amount
  • We let the employee select from a wide range of digital and physical gift cards
  • We arrange for the gift card to be sent to the lucky employee.
  • Easy!
  • Happy employees who are recognised for their great work
  • Easy to administer
  • Easy to integrate into your own existing incentive schemes

As an employer you want your business to thrive. There is a great deal of research indicating that an employer who rewards their employees is highly valued by their employees, and that rewards and recognition of an individual’s performance matter more to an employee than a salary increase!

Employees like to feel that they are appreciated and that they have done a good job for the business. If an employee goes above and beyond their usual workload it is always great to let them know that this have been noticed. Using the reward and recognition benefit means employees can choose the type of reward they would like whether it’s a gift card to spend at Apple, at the cinema or Boots… there are many to choose from. Employees also have the option to save them up and use at Christmas time or special occasion.

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