If you have just one employee, perhaps a hundred or maybe many more,
then Amanda from Enjoy Benefits is the lady who should be arriving at your door.
She offers employee benefits that will fill your employees with glee & delight,
And wont cause your accountant or MD any nervousness or fright.
Childcare vouchers, gym memberships, cycle to work and the like,
we launch these and more without your business costs taking a big hike.
Thats because they save you money in employers national insurance,
and we give you an absolute and complete reassurance,
that by offering your employees more than just their basic pay packet,
the whole process wont end up as a costly racket.
So let me tell you about one such story that is quite new,
of a client who had more than just a few,
additonal employees to find and recruit,
and he didnt want the best candidates to give his job offers the boot.
So he launched five of our benefits to his existing crew,
and then added the benefits details to his job adverts, as you would do.
Now he’s attracted the cream of the crop,
and he’s done it all without making his salary budget go pop.
Call us today to find out how,
The team at Enjoy Benefits can make you shout “WOW”!