One of our benefits, that I feel is especially relevant at the moment is our Employee Assistance programme.
Most companies in 2012 are finding that they have to work harder and harder to stay on top of things. This impacts on the performance of the whole organisation and can greatly add to the stress that employees feel.
By introducing an Employee Assistance Programme, you give all your employees a confidential and sympathetic ear for them to turn to. EAP can help employees deal with personal worries and stresses that lead to absenteeism and poor productivity in the workplace. It also allows managers in the organisation to get support with employee issues and it immediately shows that the company is concerned about each employee and is there to support them.
As a result, employees are able to stay more focused, and managers are less distracted trying to deal with all the issues that arise when people bring personal problems to work. You also protect your business from the risk of litigation, because you have evidence you are fulfilling your duty of care to employees.
With an EAP programme starting at just £4.95 per employee per year, this may be one of the most valuable benefits the business can offer its employees.