When I read the recent blog by Amanda uncovering the fact that nearly 9 million employees receive no benefits from their employer, I was astounded!
At The Challenge Factor we put all of our energy every day into helping employers motivate their team to get the very best from them and it’s shocking to hear that so many overlook this.
We believe in three main principles when it comes to business. 1) Focus on your customer and treat them like royalty. 2) Follow everything through with enthusiasm and conviction. 3) Invest in caring for your employees.
Companies who don’t hold conferences sometimes ask us “what’s the point?” We struggle with knowing where to even begin. We imagine that they’re the same companies who don’t see the point in giving their employees benefits. It’s the sort of thing that until you do it you can’t imagine the value in it. Many of our clients who’ve been with us for years were surprised at the results the first time we organised a conference for them. We’ve been told about how it makes people work harder and faster, how it makes people happier, and how the team becomes much friendlier and tighter afterwards. In short, the point in holding a conference is to make your business better. And that’s the same reason why you should offer benefits to your employees – it will have a positive impact on your business.
Getting everyone on the same page is what conferencing is all about. People like to get together, feel connected, empowered, and work towards a common goal in the same way that they like to have dental care added onto their salary! At the end of the day, for nearly all businesses, it’s your people who define what you do. By making the best of them you make the best of yourself. Read more about the benefits of conferencing, and the part we play in production and management, over at our website. (http://www.thechallengefactor.com/what-we-do/conferences.aspx)
We hope to see more employers offering benefits and holding conferences, which will result in a happier, more motivated workforce. All too often, in society as a whole, I think we can sometimes overlook investing in people.
Geoff Kershaw
Managing Director – The Challenge Factor