Did you know that you can save thousands of pounds on the cost of your childs nursery care by opting to take up the Workplace Nursery Benefit?
Workplace nursery benefit is a unique employee benefit that offers the highest savings possible on your nursery fees. Your employer simply works in partnership with a nursery or number of nurseries, so you save tax and national insurance payments on ALL of your nursery fees each month – not just the amount possible with childcare vouchers.
As an example if you currently spend £850 a month on nursery fees, then with childcare vouchers the most you could save each year would be £933.
With the workplace nursery benefit you could save £3,692 a year!!
Simple to run, this benefit costs your employer nothing to offer but will make a huge difference to every working parent using a nursery to care for their child whilst they are at work.
This benefit remains the same despite the planned changes to childcare vouchers in April 2018. So we recommend that all parents using a nursery to care for their child, use the workplace nursery benefit AND sign up for the childcare voucher benefit now, even if its just for £1 a month, then they are in the scheme and can continue to take vouchers for as long as they need. Vouchers can be used to pay for breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, holiday clubs as well as nannies, childminders and nurseries.
So savvy parents can make huge savings with BOTH benefits! They can use the workplace nursery benefit to pay for a youngest child at nursery and take childcare vouchers to pay for an older child who is at school but still needs care, or they can save up vouchers for future use.
The government are launching “Tax Free Childcare” which will be available to all working parents from April 2018. This will give parents 20p in each pound back from the government. It is crucial to know however that it only works for a family if both parents are working. If one parent isn’t working you would then find yourselve with no financial support with your childcare costs.
If you opt to take up the Tax Free help from the government, after 3 months of using the benefit, you cannot then switch back to childcare vouchers. It’s useful to be aware of this!!
We feel that childcare vouchers is a far easier benefit to access through your employer and your salary and if one parent changes jobs, loses a job or gets made redundant the other parent can still take the childcare voucher benefit PLUS workplace nursery benefit!
To find out more, either download our information leaflet or call one of the Enjoy Team on 0800 088 7315