Commuter Club

Commuter Club

How will Commuter Club benefit my business?

Offering your employees a season ticket scheme is a major benefit which can reduce their commuting costs and effectively increase their take-home pay. This, inturn, can help with staff retention and help make your business an employer of choice. It can also allow for greater flexibility when negotiating employee compensation. CommuterClub is built on a direct to consumer model ensuring high satisfaction and great employee engagement. (96% ‘Excellent’ feedback on Feefo).

Compared to an in-house loan scheme CommuterClub offers

• No balance sheet liability for season ticket / travel loans
• Reduced administration
• No leaver liability, even if the employee leaves mid-year

How will offering Commuter Club benefit my employees?

Commuting is a major household expense. It forms a necessary cost for your employees to get to and from work and is often a major condsideration when choosing a company to work for. Annual season tickets can provide discounts of up to 30% versus the cost of purchasing weekly or monthly tickets but often require upfront payments of over £1,500.

Zone 1-4 Oyster Card example

Enjoy Benefits Commuter Club52 Weeklies12 MonthliesAnnual
£2397 £2,124£1,934

CommuterClub allows your employees to access the savings of an annual ticket whilst paying for it in 11 equal monthly installments. Employees still retain full flexibility to cancel anytime, or alter their route, but gain from the peace of mind and convenience of spreading the cost through monthly payroll deductions.

How much does it cost?

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How does the benefit work?

CommuterClub provides a fully managed season ticket scheme which enables your employees to access the savings of annual rail, bus, tram or tube tickets whilst paying in monthly installments. CommuterClub takes care of all aspects of the Scheme including the procurement, fulfillment and delivery of the tickets. There is a low cost, flexible monthly payment plan which enables your employees to pay for the cost of an annual ticket via monthly payroll deductions from net (post-tax) salary, without any cost to the company.

This scheme can cover all forms of public travel, including:

• Rail tickets across the UK
• London Underground
• Bus routes across the UK
• Tram routes across the UK

• Rail parking UK

CommuterClub also manages employee leavers ensuring your business takes on no liability.

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