Coronavirus (Covid-19)

All of the staff of Enjoy Benefits will be working from home during the lockdown announced for November 2020.

We will continue to offer our highest levels of service across our entire range of products.

All of our staff are capable of taking phone calls, dealing with online chat and answering their emails whilst working from home, so, apart from the sound of domestic appliances, door-bells, children, pets, and the other fun sound generators in and around our homes, it will be business as usual for us.

We have closed applications for the Gym Benefit until we are made aware that gyms may be able to open.

We are still available using our online chat and we will continue to answer e-mails with any of your queries.

  • We are still able to maintain all of the office functions
  • Payments and order processing is continuing as normal
  • Payroll services are unaffected

Please note that we intend to keep this page up to date to ensure that all of the thousands of companies and users we interact with can find the important information they need from us!
We would ask that anyone who wants to contact us either uses the instant chat facility on this page, or that you e-mail us at [email protected].
All users with childcare vouchers or workplace nursery orders have been contacted or are being contacted to ensure that they get the service they need and to try and avoid making payment to childcare providers where payments are not required.
Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Useful information for our users - UPDATED 29th July 2020

Gym orders

Currently, we are not offering the Gym Benefit until we know that gyms are re-opening

Workplace Nursery:

We are ready to help with all existing and new workplace nursery contracts for parents who want to make significant savings on nursery fees. We would also like to indicate to all qualifying Nurseries that you can add significantly to your income per child by signing parents up to the Workplace Nursery Scheme, and this money all comes from Employers’ National Insurance Savings, so it is a win all round.
If you wish to contact our workplace Nursery team directly, you can e-mail us at [email protected]

Childcare Vouchers:

We are ready when schools return to provide vouchers to any of our eligible clients. The facilities have been simplified on our website to allow managing your childcare vouchers even easier than before, and our team are on the online chat everyday, and are always happy to help.
Should you have any questions about the childcare voucher scheme, please contact us on [email protected]

Cycle To Work:

The Cycle to Work scheme is the most popular it has ever been, and there is a country-wide shortage of bikes, as well as a generally longer lead time as all elements of the supply chain are working at a reduced level to maintain safe working practices. Please place any new orders as soon as you can with us, and be patient, orders are taking at least a week longer to complete than normal.


Please note that we are still making payments everyday as scheduled, there has been no material impact on our operations.


All payroll is continuing as normal, our operation is working fully with our staff working from home. All payments are being made as normal, and the usual communication channels are still open.

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