We have taken the decision to request that our staff work from home whilst the Covid-19 pandemic is an issue of national and international concern. We take the responsibility of protecting our staff, their families, and the wider community very seriously.
We will maintain a presence within our offices but to a reduced extent so as to limit our staff’s risk of infection. We still aim to maintain as high a level of service as possible for all clients and would therefore encourage our clients to contact us either by using the online chat facility on or to e-mail us at [email protected] .
Our staff will be able to respond to these channels during normal business hours as normal. All payments, payroll, order processing are all expected to continue without any adverse effect. We do however expect to have less capacity to answer our telephones with more of our staff being at home rather than in the office.
We appreciate your understanding in what is challenging times for everyone. Please know that we are making every effort to ensure that our staff and our clients are well looked after during these times, and we will update this statement as necessary in response to a highly dynamic situation and in response to Government advice as it is issued.
The board of Directors of Enjoy Benefits Ltd
Issue 1 date 13th March 2020