As new working patterns and social practices emerge in a world much-changed by Covid-19 it is to be hoped that there will be as much harmony between employers and employees as possible.
With no vaccine available, safety, of course, remains of paramount importance, yet there is also the pressure for the economy to reboot and for work to resume in a safe way.
One planned, ongoing change has been to look at how we get to and from work. Public transport, a form of transport promoted for years, is suddenly less appealing with mask-wearing mandated and understandable concerns about travelling to work in close proximity to many others.
In contrast, the cycle to work scheme has received renewed attention, with councils taking major steps to make cycling into towns easier. Lanes are being closed off, making them cycle and walk only, major cities are looking at how they can close off large areas, allowing only bike and pedestrian access.
However, not enough employers are on board.
Generally, we don’t like to call out employers, but the figures are damming.

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

A majority of workers would consider cycling to work and yet only 7% of employers are taking steps to introduce a Cycle to Work scheme – figures from OnBuy.coms analysis.
As workers return to offices, this could create a schism between them and the company, they may feel that their employer is not doing enough to look after their needs. The Cycle to Work scheme is readily available, it costs the company nothing, so why not implement?
The survey found that of those looking to cycle to work, 89% were driven by safety concerns, they simply don’t want to use public transport. Is it acceptable that businesses don’t make a small change that would make their workers feel safer?
Long-term, decisions not to implement key workplace benefits can also harm a business as employees feel undervalued and potentially look to leave and work elsewhere. 
Potential new recruits are also put off – talented people base their decision of where to work on much more than simply salary and job title, it is also workplace ethos and the sense of whether the business is one worth committing to.
Data in the survey suggest that around 60% of employers are looking to ask staff to return to the office, yet they aren’t doing anything to help in this process – essentially leaving it up to the employee. We want you in, you find a way to get in.
That way for many would be cycling.
An understandable concern for businesses is that the scheme is expensive, difficult to maintain, or even both. However, both of these are worries that can be easily debunked.
In a recent post, we looked at the benefits of cycle to work schemes both for employer and employee, outlining that the company saved 13.8% on the salary sacrificed on bikes, this an average of £83 per bike. 
This is on top of benefits such as happier, fitter workforce and the reputational benefit of showing an interest in employee well-being. Of course, the managers and directors can also take advantage of the scheme so there are personal savings for them too.
For any employee, the savings can run to hundreds of pounds, up to 47% of the price depending on individual taxation levels.
Setting up the scheme can be done independently or you could entrust a company such as ours to oversee this and other workplace benefits.
Were you to choose us, you would have a fully online hub so that employees can manage their own benefits and you would also be able to see take-up of any benefit. 
The administrative burden for the company is low – zero for many benefits – and yet there are savings against National Insurance and tax to be enjoyed.
If you are interested in implementing a Cycle to Work scheme or would welcome further information please contact us today.

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At Enjoy Benefits, we have great experience in helping companies of all sizes introduce benefits that are suitable for their workplace, these including cycle to work schemes.
Benefits are easy to set ups and ongoing administration is then run through a hub, this allowing employees to manage their own benefits while the employer can see which benefits are proving popular and what level of take-up each has had.
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