At the time of writing, Christmas is just starting to appear off over the horizon, a period  that – and you don’t need us to tell you this – can be hugely expensive.
There are presents to buy, all that food, trips around the country to see friends and relatives or maybe even travel abroad. A lucky few might even have post-Christmas holidays to look forward to, maybe taking in a week on the slopes.
There is no such thing as a cheap Christmas, it is just varying degrees of how expensive the season will be.
At Enjoy Benefits we cannot remove all expense, but we can recommend something that makes Christmas both more convenient and cheaper.
Every workplace should set up a staff discount club, there is no admin for the employer, while for employees it immediately unlocks a huge range of savings.
There is no compulsion to use the club, it simply exists in the background as an option for employees to check against offering an easy comparison on prices and often a significant reduction.

Discount Club – Wide Range Of Savings

The discounts available cover High Street stores, holidays and hotels, tourist attractions (and so perfect for entertaining the kids during the holidays) and online retailers.
All this is through a benefits portal with no extra log ins or passwords required. It is as simple to use as any online retailer, it’s like using Amazon only with extra savings available.
For employers, setting up a Discount Club is a benefit that can help boost staff retention and help attract quality new recruits, this because it helps employees save money and also demonstrates that they are valued.
It is also a workplace benefit that can save the employer money, purchases of equipment such as HP computers can be made through the Discount Club and senior management have the same opportunity to enjoy savings as everyone else. Employees in all positions enjoy saving money on purchases and holidays.
In a real life example, a family buying a few hundred pounds worth of electronic goods as presents, having two trips away involving hotels and then a holiday post Christmas, hundreds or even thousands of pounds could be saved in total.
It is a benefit that simply doesn’t have a downside – at worst it simply isn’t used by some employees.

About Enjoy Benefits:

At Enjoy Benefits, setting up workplace benefits is what we do, helping businesses come up with a suite of benefits well matched to how many employees they have and the nature of their workforce.
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