Employee Rewards

Employee Rewards Scheme

How does the Employee Reward Scheme Work?

Reward and recognition vouchers are a great way to boost morale within your company. Having an employee reward scheme in place allows you to say “thank you” to a member of staff, for a job well done, lets you recognise an employee’s time with the business and means you can help your employees celebrate birthdays, weddings and other significant events.

How will it benefit my employees?

Employees like to feel that they are appreciated and that they have done a good job for the business. If an employee goes above and beyond their usual workload it is always great to let them know that this have been noticed. Using the reward and recognition benefit means employees can choose the type of reward they would like whether it’s a gift card to spend at Apple, at the cinema or Boots… there are many to choose from. Employees also have the option to save them up and use at Christmas time or special occasion.

How will it benefit my business?

As an employer you want your business to thrive. Your employees are at the heart of your company. When employees have performed well or gone ‘above and beyond’ what better way to motivate and reward them, than to say “Thank You” immediately with a voucher? Easy to use, you simply decide who is to be rewarded and with what amount, via the hub. Enjoy Benefits invoice you for the reward value you have chosen and upon cleared payment an email is sent to the employee making them aware of the reward they have been given. The employee can then login to their hub page and choose the reward voucher they want. This is then sent out by special delivery within 5 working days.

How much does it cost?

The admin charge to run this benefit would be £12 per employee that is rewarded. This includes Special Delivery.

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