How childcare vouchers will really help your staff with their childcare costs straightaway…
The previous coalition government announced its intentions to offer parents a new form of help with their childcare from Autumn this year, called Tax Free childcare.
Although a definite date for the launch of TFC still has not been set, it is important to note that once it comes into effect, all new parents who haven’t yet signed up to the childcare voucher benefit won’t then be able to use vouchers.
All employees who have opted to take up the childcare voucher benefit, to pay for all forms of childcare from birth up to the age of 15, can continue to take the benefit as long as they are employed by yourselves.
Childcare vouchers are an easy benefit for employees to use as they come out of the employees gross salary and the savings are immediate. A family where both parents opt to take up childcare vouchers can save up to £1866 a year.
And the new proposed benefit?
The new benefit is only open to parents where both parents are working, it isn’t run through the employer but requires parents to log into a government website every 3 months and make a payment to a government agency which is then topped up. Despite much government hype, the new TFC scheme is only reckoned to save parents around £600 a year.
Get the best for your employees….
We are recommending to all our clients that the childcare voucher benefit be re-promoted to all employees now. This enables anyone with children under the age of 15, who pays for any form of registered childcare, to get set up with childcare vouchers prior to the Autumn deadline. This gives them the maximum savings in childcare costs now and allows them to choose which system is best for them once TFC is launched.
We provide all the paperwork needed to launch and run the benefit, so its very simple to offer to employees. There is no cost to the business as the value of vouchers come out of the employees gross salary. It’s a fabulous benefit that makes a difference to every working family – STRAIGHT AWAY!
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