Would you like to get your next mobile phone for around 12% less than you’d have to pay in the shops or online?
Would you like this to be for an unlocked phone that’s ready to go for any network?
By getting your phone as a workplace benefit this is exactly what is possible, the phone is bought as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, you end up saving a chunk of cash often around £100.
At Enjoy Benefits, we are experts in helping companies of all sizes set up workplace benefits, these schemes that are easy to run and help all employees save money on services and products they require.
Mobile phones might not lead to a saving as large as childcare schemes where parents can save thousands per years, but it is a benefit everyone can take advantage of. We all have a mobile phone, we all look to upgrade every year or two, we would all welcome the chance to get the phone of our choice at a reduced cost.
Put simply, everyone benefits. Any employee taking advantage of the scheme clearly saves money, but the employer benefits too. There is no ongoing administration – the scheme set up and run by workplace benefits experts such as us – and there is no cost to the company.

A Wide Range Of Benefits

When used as part of a suite of benefit, perhaps alongside gym membership, car leasing, cycle to work, travel and holiday insurance and workplace nursery savings it creates a compelling range of benefits that helps to show employees they are valued. Recruitment and retention can be boosted – the benefits helping any employee save thousands of pounds, this money every bit as real as an increase in salary.
For the mobile phone scheme, the employee would chose their desired phone and then the cost would be spread over 12 months – this coming directly from salary. There are no credit checks, everyone entering the scheme pre approved, there is also no initial outlay.
While mobile phone schemes are common, some companies take it further with technology benefit schemes, these similar but for a wider range of products such as laptops, Macs, games consoles, TVs and more. With payments taken as a salary sacrifice, there are signifiant savings to be made against the High Street and, as with the mobile phone benefit, payments are spread but here often over a longer period of 24 or 36 months.
At Enjoy Benefits e love these schemes because of their universality and also because they are so straightforward for any business, they are extremely light touch to maintain.
Whether you are an employee hoping to see their company introduce a scheme or an employer looking to boost staff morale and retention through workplace benefits, please do get in touch.
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