Many staff benefits focus on saving the employee money, be that off childcare, travel, mobile phones, gym membership or other common expenses.
However, perhaps the most valuable benefit you can offer is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).
On its own, or ideally used in conjunction with a suite of benefits, having an EAP helps you to stand out s an employer who really put employee needs and their well being to the fore.
More importantly, the EAP helps employees cope with any issues inside or outside of work. For the employee there are clear mental health benefits while the employer has higher staff motivation and less time lost through stress or illness.
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Having an EAP means there is a support network for all staff.
A large employer might be able to afford an HR team, but even this might not be enough for the needs of employees. If they have concerns either in the workplace, or that could be seen to impact on work then they might have an understandable reluctance to discuss these with a fellow employee, even if discretion is assured.

Small Cost, Huge Benefit

A business of any size can set up an Employee Assistance Programme as the support is not in-house, instead employees are taking advantage of access to independent councillors and advisors.
For the employer there is a small cost from £4.95 per employee per year, however the potential benefits dwarf this figure.
If an employee is struggling with depression, if they have suffered recent bereavement, have debt concerns or are mid divorce their productivity is likely to be greatly effected.
Being able to call on support 24/7, having help and support from a truly independent source in complete confidence can help them through a difficult period, the EAP advisors are trained to deal with any issues.
As an employer, you are helping to fulfil your duty of care to employees, helping with their mental well being. Financially, you will benefit too as the employee requires less time off and is also more productive while in work.

A Vital Benefit – Yet One You Hope People Don’t Need

Unlike other benefits, you actually hope most staff don’t require the EAP as using the service might imply they are having difficulties either at work or inside (though people do use the service for positive life events such as weddings as they find preparation for that impinges on work).
While you would want as many staff as possible to be taking advantage of benefits such as gym membership or cycle to work schemes, the hope would be that only a few employees required use of the EAP in any year.
However, it is always there as a safety net.
Having an EAP in place is also a selling point for your business to would-be employees. It speaks of you being a business who cares and who has structure in place should they ever be in need of independent advice.
On its own it is a great benefit, but when combined with a suite of employee benefits it helps employees save money, the employer save money too and it leads to staff retention and also the acquisition of high-quality recruits.
At Enjoy Benefits, we can set up and oversee an EAP as well as a full range of other benefits.
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