Who likes getting up early in the morning? No, us neither…
Who likes the thought of the commute to work? It’s awful isn’t it, we agree.
Who wants to get fitter if only there was the time. Yep, us too.
Even if you love your job, the act of getting up early and then commuting to work can be anything but fun. It’s something that has to be done, that’s the best that can be said for it.
However, the commute can become something to be looked forward to in itself, or at the very least something that has benefits beyond simply getting to the place of work.
The commute can be a chance to experience fresh air, to get the day’s exercise in, to wake up and feel refreshed and even to save some money.
There are even local groups dedicated to promoting this type of commuting, the Arrive Happy campaign in Liverpool finding that everyone they spoke to who took part had only positive things to say of the change.
The change is to cycle to work. It sounds a basic change, and perhaps it is, but it is one with huge benefits.
It is also a change that any employer can help with.

On Your Bike

Bikes are expensive, especially decent bikes that don’t weight a tonne and so there can be a natural tendency to avoid paying out hundreds of pounds for something that might turn out to be a whim.
Employers can help out by adding a cycle to work scheme as an employee benefit. The employer effectively buys the bike and the employee then hires it back, potentially with an option to retain. This changes a sizeable one-off purchase into a small amount per month, and one which is reduced further as there are tax and NI savings.
The employee also has access to a huge range of books from leading UK suppliers such as Evans and Halfords and they can also hire the safety equipment such as cycling helmet and so save on this too.
Employers also benefit and not just from happier, fitter staff. The business saves through the salary sacrifice making this at worst a cost-neutral benefit to them. It is also a scheme without any administration form the employer’s point mom view as an expert in workplace benefits such as Enjoy Benefits could fully manage the scheme.

All-round Benefits

It is the sort of scheme which encapsulates workplace benefits – seemingly small steps that make an employee’s life easier, that cost the employer neither time or money and makes the business a place people are happy to work. A benefit that shows the employer is looking out for its staff.
As part of a healthier lifestyle, it can also be combined with gym membership, reduced rates and savings against salary for employees, again helping them to save money on something they would have been buying anyway.
If you are an employee or employer interested in workplace benefits, including a cycle to work scheme, please contact us at EnjoyBenefits for an obligation-free conversation.