Imagine offering a whole suite of benefits to employees but seeing them go largely unused.
People would be paying more than they needed to for gym membership, car leasing, mobile phones and insurance. The cycle to work scheme would be unloved and unused, the Employee Assistance Programme would be a support service that was not supporting as many as it could be. Perhaps worse still, parents would be spending thousands more than necessary on childcare.
Sadly, this happens. Employees miss out on savings and benefits, employers miss out on significant NI savings and also suffer lower staff retention than might otherwise be the case.
After all, as the old saying goes, he or she who saves thousands of pounds a year thanks to their employer is less likely to look elsewhere.
At Enjoy Benefits, we have always been aware of the potential for this problem and that benefit schemes live and die by the promotion they are given. If they just exist in the background, there is a danger they remain under-utilised, we have even heard of new starters who were never told of the benefits they could sign up for.
That is why we developed the EB Hub, a resource that brings everything – and we mean everything – into one place.

All the information in one place

With the hub, any employee can get information about all the available benefits and choose to sign up. They can control which benefits they are utilising and, where relevant, make changes to the level of benefit (for instance changing gym membership from off peak to any time).
The hub is entirely online and so the process of getting information about any benefit and then signing up, or cancelling is done digitally, there is no need to print out forms and send them off.
The hub can also be a source of information, acting as a company intranet and so bringing everything into one place. Newsletters can be scheduled to hit all inboxes, or announcements sent out to the whole team. It is, of course, also possible to mention new benefits or any alterations – added a gym membership scheme or incorporated a car leasing offer? People won’t use them if they don’t know about them – sending messages via the hub ensures quick take-up.
The EB Hub will also produce reports, with by benefit and by employee making it easy to see the take-up for benefits, the savings accrued, and also how much use each employee is making of the overall benefit package. When it comes to review time, it can be useful to point out to employees that there are benefits they could be using, alternatively it can be a reminder that they are getting much more than just the basic salary.
At this stage, you might be thinking that it all sounds great, but you don’t want a hub with our branding acting as your intranet. Worry not! It is completely customisable, essentially creating a white label hub, with your logo and branding.
The hub is designed to be of benefit to everyone throughout an organisation, irrespective of their specific job or their personality or which benefits are of particular interest to them.
For those a little less confident with technology, it offers everything in one place – there aren’t multiple addresses, log-ins and passwords to be remembered, all their key information is in one place. If they are unsure which benefits they have or want to check how much they have saved, they simply log in and do it.
For those employees who feel a little isolated, either through being out the office or through a sense they have been passed over for promotion the hub gives something back.
Others will have different concerns, they might work in an administrative role. The hub brings everything together, company literature can be sent out through one place and the running of all benefits is centralised in one place. The hub can even take care of absence management requests, the request made through the hub and then agreed or otherwise through a simple online interface.
We have a load more information about the EB Hub, including examples of how it can work for different groups within your organisation.
Please have a look at the dedicated section, have a play with the demo and do get in touch to find out more.
Call us on 0800 088 7315 or use our Contact Form.