Standing out as an employer has obvious benefits.
The best employers have a greater chance of attracting the best people, they are also more likely to then hold on to them.
Being the employer of choice also boosts staff morale and motivation – people are more productive, absenteeism is reduced, negative emotions such as stress and depression can become less common.
It is also something employers should strive towards simply because it is the right thing to do – employees spend a lot of their time in work, they should feel valued.

How To Stand Out As An Employer

That leaves one question though. How do you stand out? What benefits can you provide that makes you an employer people actively want to work for.
Benefits such as gym membership, childcare vouchers, car parking season tickets, car leasing and discounted mobile phone contracts all help create a comprehensive benefits package.
On top of that, we’d like to suggest one other increasingly popular option. Having a discount club.
As an employer, by registering for this benefit you open up a wide range of savings to employees.
Employees can save up to 40% on cinema tickets. They can make discounts on High Street purchases, enjoying savings of up to 30%.
Discounts are available on holidays too, on tourist attractions and days out such as theme parks and museums. Hotels are included, potentially an employee could save money on the High Street outfits they buy for a holiday, the new luggage too and then save money on the holiday itself.
Most employees will find some savings of interest to them, others will make repeated use of the service – and there is no limit to how many times an employee can use the available discounts.
Searching for available discounts is a simple process, at Enjoy Benefits we have a benefits portal, here an employee can see all the available benefits and also chose which to select.
For example, an employee might chose gym membership, childcare vouchers and also take advantage of savings on cinema tickets and hotels. They could see the status of their benefits and also how much money the benefits had increased their salary package by.

Benefits For All

As an employer, the discounts can also have a financial benefit aside from helping you attract and keep the best employees. Discounts are often available on hardware and office equipment – computers and related equipment from HP as an example.
The benefits also act as an increased payment in kind. In a period of low inflation and economic pressure, it might be that wages have not risen for employees, providing benefits that help them potentially save thousands of pounds on outgoings tackle this, the employee is left with more money in real terms.
Employees also enjoy reduced National Insurance contributions on taking many of the benefits, an example is gym membership whereby anyone paying standard rate tax sees a 12% reduction in NI on the value of their gym membership.
A final positive is that they require no effort on your part! All the administration is taken care of by Enjoy Benefits, just as importantly there are no set-up costs. There is no logical reason to not have a comprehensive suite of employee benefits.
If you would like to know more about how to offer employee discounts or how to create a suite of benefits for employees, please get in touch with us on 0800 088 7315 or visit this page to leave us a message.