See how our new online portal will revolutionise your delivery of employee benefits. Improving staff morale and loyalty has never been easier. Easy to administer, easy to select and easy for your employees to access. Enjoy a trial run today.
New Portal Makes Employee Benefits Easy for All
Everybody knows employee benefits are a great idea.
Employees get things important to them like lower cost gym membership, cycle to work schemes or savings on childcare or mobile phones.
Employers get a more motivated, committed and loyal workforce from providing such benefits. Not forgetting better staff retention and easier recruitment enticements.
But sometimes creating or administering such schemes may seem a hassle for employers, or employees may be bewildered by which benefits they can enjoy.
This is no longer the case. A new portal launched by Enjoy Benefits has transformed the creation and delivery of employee benefit schemes.
Enjoy Benefits have long been committed to providing flexible employee benefit schemes to employees and employer, and work with 1300 companies ranging from 3 employees to 10,000.
But we realised there was potential to make the administration of such schemes even better.
New Online Portal For Employers and Employees
That is why we launched the new Enjoy Benefits Online Portal.
Benefits _Portal
Available to all customers of Enjoy Benefits, the portal enables employees and employers to simply log in and easily achieve all their company benefit needs.
For employers, the flexible selection of employee benefits to motivate team members has never been so easy. Simply browse an exhaustive list of benefits, see how they work and what they can do to for you, then switch them on for your team.
You can easily view which employees are using what benefits, so you can see which ones prove most popular among your team. This can help when marketing such benefits during recruitment.
When new employees join your company, you simply add them to the system and they receive a welcome email and log in details. And, you can remove them when they leave. I
t’s simply never been easier to run an engaging employee benefit scheme with your team before. Easy to choose, easy to see what works and easy to manage.
And, flexibility doesn’t begin and end with employee benefits. Enjoy Benefits consulted with a number of companies about their ideal solution and added a few key extras.
Your Needs, Your Portal
Consequently, you can tailor the portal to be an essential resource for all employee needs.
Additional items that you deem relevant can be easily uploaded. This means any company pdfs or the company handbook can be shared to your employees too.
Their salaries and holiday entitlements can easily be added, making the portal a one stop shop for all employees details, so they need never be unsure as to their position re: pay, company regulations, holidays or the company benefits on offer. And, of course, complete peace of mind regarding your compliance with employee legislation.
But an employee benefit portal wouldn’t be of much use if it didn’t equally appeal to employees. After all, the aim is a perfect portal for employers that gets optimum usage by employees.
The most obvious and attractive benefit is that employees have at their fingertips a comprehensive overview of all company benefits on offer, and how they work.
A far cry from when a poster might be stuck up and usually overlooked in the company canteen. If salary details have been uploaded, an employee can make a quick and decisive calculation of savings from each benefit in tax and national insurance contributions.
When joining a benefit, they can easily follow its status, and ongoing savings over time. And, they can also easily follow all company information pertinent to their position courtesy of company literature that gets uploaded.
Try the Enjoy Benefits Portal Today!
Enjoy Benefits Portal Overview
Overall, the portal represents a great leap forward in employee benefits delivery. But don’t take our word for it, you can test drive it today.
Contact us on 0800 088 7315 and we will be provide you with everything you need to try out our portal for free and see how it will benefit your company and your employees