Enjoy Benefits are genuinely your one stop shop for Employee Benefits, giving you the tools to reward, incentivise and retain your staff at no cost to you.
We say ‘genuinely’ because many claim to fulfil all employee benefit needs in one easy-to-use place but few prove it.
We provide an online employee benefits portal tailored to you.
This allows your employees to browse at the touch of a button the full range of benefits open to them.

Brief Portal Guide

The portal is divided into two sections.
Benefits offered by you. And benefits that can be chosen from us.
In the first, your employees see the benefits already offered such as company pensions.
We guarantee the portal only reflects up to date accurate information about your schemes by working with you and your existing providers.
And we allow complete flexibility for you to display any other information in this section.
Simply add and remove incentives as and when you like.
The second section has a raft of employee benefits we make available to you.
These range from gym membership benefits through childcare benefits to mobile phones. You have complete control of the benefits made available to your staff.
Given such schemes Need to make major savings for your employees, they are a vital tool to motivate and incentivise your team to be more productive and happy at work.
You can also specify when such benefits can be accessed. Need to see the best from probationary staff?
Let them know they can access great employee rewards once they are permanently employed.

Great Benefits at No Cost

Because these benefits are based on salary sacrifice; they make a massive difference to your employees without any cost to you.
Did we mention it’s ‘genuinely’ a one stop shop? Of course, we did. This is further proved by other additional information contained within the portal.
You see all the salary deduction schedules and invoice information so there’s no surprises come payroll time.
And, your staff can see the total monetary value of the benefits they have received. Yet another hugely incentivising device that comes at no cost to you.
Join over 3000 other UK employers and sign up to the leading employee benefits portal today.
Download the Enjoy Benefits Portal Guide here or call us on 0800 088 7315 for a guided tour