Are you paying too much in employers NI?
Oh why do we pay so much employers NI,
Is a question that many an employer will cry.
It’s a tax, its a burden, an additional curse,
And if only we could afford a payrise for everyone,
Then it surely makes our wage bill even worse.
Well Enjoy Benefits has the answer for you and
its one that will truly make you want to coo,
You can now offer your employees their salary and more,
Using our employee benefits, so it wont be a faff or a bore,
But most importantly the business will save significant sums in employers NI,
That will then produce a very different kind of cry.
Shouts and yelps of delight will abound,
As the MD realises we have saved him many thousands of those pounds.
For happier employees witih more money in their bank,
You will have Enjoy Benefits team to thank