Enjoy Absence Management

Avoid short-staffing issues and reduce your HR workload by using the Enjoy Absence online tool.

Relax and let Enjoy Absence do the work for you. Sorting out employee’s holidays doesn’t need to be a hassle. Enjoy Absence is a paperless system that makes managing employees absences easy. It brings accuracy, control and an email trail to your business, making it stress free for you and your employees.

How will this benefit my employees?

Every employee has their own online account with us.

This account allows them to login and request time off work – quickly and simply. Employees can book time off work whilst sat at their desk or in the evening from the comfort of their sofa. No need to ask for a holiday form, its all done online.

As well as allowing your employees to book time off their account also enables them to keep track of their holiday allowance and number of days remaining.

Our system also allows you to manage various departments independently or at once. You can also delegate management for departments to other staff, so line managers can manage their own staff’s holidays.

How will this benefit my business?

You have the final say and full control!

When an employee requests an absence the system will send you an email making you aware to login. You then have the option to approve the absence or decline it. If you choose to decline an absence there is a message box in which you can type the reason why. Whichever option you choose the employee will receive an email notification.

The system makes you aware of other employees absences on the dates the employee has requested, before you approve it.