Recruiting & keeping the right people is crucial for all businesses but especially SME’s.
It is even more important to recruit the best staff as this will save your business time and money.
Would you like to attend a masterclass to help you with the whole recruitment process?
Running on Thursday 8th May 2014, from 12.30 – 5pm, you will gain:

  • Confidence in understanding if & why you need to recruit new staff
  • A template to help you minimise the risks of recruitment
  • Tools to identify the best person to join your team
  • Support to improve the motivation & management of new staff
  • Free Employee Benefits Audit

Using the interactive learning approach, this master class will provide you with the opportunity to assess the purpose, process & pay-off from recruiting & retainging the right staff for your business.
For more information call: 0161 280 4567 or cut and paste the link below…
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