Personal New Year resolutions tend to be a good idea whose time never really comes.
This is mainly due to them being determined in extreme circumstances. An excess of gluttony leading to shame and a determination to eat less; an excess of alcohol leading to hangovers and a determination to drink less, or, an excess of slobbing on the sofa leading to a determination to exercise more.  And so on, ad infinitum.
They are reactive resolutions. A resolution created by a context which when it no longer exists seems less urgent.
Is it any wonder we find it difficult to stick to them once the fog of New Year festivities has evaporated?
They also tend by nature to be self-absorbed. ‘Our’ drinking, ‘our’ weight, ‘our’ exercise regimen.
And given we don’t commit to anyone but ourselves, we can easily talk ourselves out of why we ever wanted to do such silly things in the first place.
Time for new New Year Resolutions!
Maybe the problem then is these are the wrong sort of resolutions?
That rather than set ourselves up to fail, we should set ourselves up to succeed by making different types of New Year resolutions.
That’s why we are asking employers, sole traders, indeed anyone who has workplace responsibility for another soul to consider a new type of resolution.
One that is non-personal but situates the happiness and improvement of others at its centre. People we can directly help with our own actions.
A resolution that isn’t created from a context that will rapidly change but a context that will be lasting day in day out throughout the next working year.
A resolution that doesn’t come from reaction but pro-action – a desire to improve the morale and motivation at your workplace.
A Resolution to Reward
What are we talking about? Simply, introducing employee rewards for your staff.
They don’t even need to cost you anything. Many of our salary sacrifice employee benefits are paid for from employee reductions in their gross salary which are agreed to by them because they are taken pre-tax and prove less costly than other ways of paying.
But while many employee rewards schemes are cost-neutral, they certainly aren’t gain-neutral.
It’s a fact that happy employees are more productive employees. And employees who feel valued are more motivated employees.
Employee benefits are a fantastic weapon in your management armoury to encourage, to motivate, to reward and reap the benefits in your balance sheet.
Helping them, helps you
Your team will turn up at work with the hope of adhering to their own personal New Year resolutions.
Imagine their gratitude when you tell them you’re introducing reduced gym memberships for them to help them get fit courtesy of one of our employee benefits.
This is just one of the real, tangible ways you can resolve to help your team in 2018 with nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Make a New Year resolution that will work. Talk to one of our advisors who will tell who how you can take advantage of rewards for your team.
Regardless of your resolutions, we wish you and your team a healthy and prosperous 2018.