Up to 50% cheaper parking every working day

National Insurance (NI) Savings for the employee whilst solving their car parking problems

    Benefits to your business and employees

  • No cost to the business to implement
  • Improved retention, punctuality and wellbeing of employees by potentially making it easier to get to work


How will this benefit my business?

  • Improved retention, punctuality and wellbeing of employees by potentially making it easier to get to work.
  • Potentially reduces costs if your business is already providing assistance to employees with parking fees by replacing an existing scheme.
  • A cost neutral benefit to the company.

How will this benefit my employees?

  • Highly tangible benefit.
  • The savings can be equivalent to a pay increase of several percent.
  • Between the savings and the discounted rates employees can save as much as 50% off their parking costs.
  • May allow employees to park closer to work, this can also be safer as well as convenient.
  • Potentially reduces their car insurance premiums if vehicles are parked in a secure car park during the day.

How much does it cost my business?

  • No cost to the business to implement.
  • The cost of buying the parking is quickly recouped through Salary Sacrifice.
  • For a free consultation even if you have an existing scheme

How does the salary sacrifice car parking scheme work?

  • The Car Parking benefit allows employees to make considerable savings off their daily parking costs.
  • Enjoy Benefits negotiates discounted rates with parking providers. The network includes NCP, Q Parks and Euro Car Parks and dozens of regional providers.
  • If the parking providers they use are not registered with Enjoy Benefits, we will contact them and bring them into the network.
  • The company pays the cost of parking up-front for a year and reclaims the money from employees salary on a monthly basis.

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