The Childcare Voucher Scheme has now closed to new applicants as of 4th October 2018

However, you can now save even more money with the Workplace Nursery Scheme.

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We are all aware that the cost of childcare for a baby or a child can be very expensive; in fact for many families the costs are often more than their monthly mortgage or rent payment. So, being able to help your employees with the cost of their childcare can make a significant difference to their family finances, not to mention their return to work decision. The current Childcare Voucher benefit system currently allows you to help your employees meet these costs.

But this has now changed. Since the 4th of October 2018, the Childcare Voucher Scheme closed to new joiners.

No new employees will be eligible to receive Childcare Vouchers and only existing employees, already receiving Childcare Vouchers, will be able to continue with the scheme and even then, they must have used the scheme within the last 12 months to maintain eligibility!

Already offer the Workplace Nursery benefit? If you offer this fantastic tax saving benefit already then great, get in contact and we can help you promote the new Workplace Nursery scheme to your employees so they don’t miss out and help you ensure that all of your eligible staff are fully registered.

Don’t currently offer the Workplace Nursery benefit? If you do not currently offer the benefit then just give us a call on 0800 088 7315 and we will set you up, good news is you will save money as well as your employees saving money, you can also click here to get your company registered right away. Act now so your employees do not miss out.

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