Save money on the cost of your childcare
Ankle biters, chidlers, children, our kids,
we call them all kinds of things.
But whatever the pet names we use,
the cost of their childcare still stings!
But I am here to lighten that load,
with my fan-daby-dozy childcare vouchers to sell,
With savings of up to £933 a year,
You will think I’ve woven a magic happy spell.
Both mums and dads alike can save a tidy sum,
Used to pay for childminders, nannies, nurseries and such,
I know parents wont be glum.
The other wonderful fact, about which I want to shout,
Is that the employer can offer this benefit to everyone,
Without his budget being put out…..
Thats because the business will save money each year,
in employers NI,
Worth around £300 per employee,
Now come along business owners don’t be shy!
So just to remind you…. Amanda from Enjoy Benefits is the lady to call,
As she and her team will set up everything for you,
So you won’t have to do anything much at all.