The Childcare Voucher Scheme closed on the 4th October 2018 to new applicants.

However, you can now save even more money with the Workplace Nursery Scheme.

We are all aware that the cost of childcare can be very expensive; in fact for many families the costs are often more than their monthly mortgage or rent payment. So, being assisted by your employer with the cost of childcare can make a significant difference to family finances. The Childcare Voucher benefit system currently helps you to meet these costs.

But this has now changed. The scheme is now closed to new joiners.

No new applicants will be eligible to receive Childcare Vouchers and only existing applicants, already receiving Childcare Vouchers, will be able to continue with the scheme, and they must have a voucher within the last 12 months to remain eligible to remain on the Childcare Voucher Scheme!

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