We have been working with a large client who runs a call centre.
When I had my first meeting with the MD in 2011, he said that although employees were well paid, the company still had a big problem with staff turnover. The company wanted to put in place a range of benefits that would support and motivate everyone and keep employees at the company.
They choose to implement a full range of new benefits:
Childcare vouchers for all working parents.
Gym memberships at corporate rates, offered through salary sacrifice giving saving of up to 40%!
Car parking season tickets at corporate rates.
Positive posture programme. This ensures that all employees match their workstations to their own good posture and are then reminded to keep good posture all day. With its incorporated display screen equipment assessment, Positive Posture means the company is fully compliant with health and safety regulations.
Employee Assistance Programme. This gives each employee a confidential and sympathetic ear for them to turn to. EAP helps employees deal with their personal worries. It also allows managers in the organisation to get help with employee issues. Most importantly, it shows that the company is concerned about each employee and is there to support them.
We then ran a benefits afternoon with gym instructors from local gyms present, a physiotherapist on site getting people to find their neutral sitting posture and members of Enjoy Benefits on hand to talk through each of the benefits and how they might help each person.
Three months down the line and take up of all benefits has been high and staff turnover is significantly reduced. Happy employees!