Most workplaces now have some form of workplace benefits on offer to employees, with common options including discounted gym membership, workplace nursery schemes and cycle to work programmes.
At Enjoy Benefits we have set up these and more for many hundreds of companies, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about in this post.
We want to highlight some of the more unusual workplace benefits that exist. We should point out that these aren’t necessarily benefits we’ve introduced, they are taken from a scour of the internet. Still, if you want to introduce paw-ternity leave in your workplace we can see what we can do for you!

Time Off To Volunteer

If current troubling times have taught us anything it is perhaps that it is good to be good to each other.
Time off to volunteer is exactly that, employees are given the opportunity to volunteer and help within the community without this impacting on their earnings. It might be that flexibility is enabled in work hours so that they can commit to good causes, or it might be extra leave on top of the annual entitlement.
For the company there can also be reputational benefits, allowing employees paid time to help with local projects is only going to create goodwill.

Free Ice Cream

Hang on, free ice cream! Who wouldn’t want that benefit?
Ice cream is just one example here, the idea is that the company provides free products to employees or at least products heavily discounted – Ben and Jerry’s is one such company, providing all employees with free ice cream everyday. Hopefully they also offer gym membership…
The appeal of this benefit depends on what your company produces. Food – very appealing, washers for industrial machines, perhaps less so.

Fertility Treatment

Yahoo is among global companies that offers fertility treatments as a benefit, in their case this covering the freezing of sperm, eggs and embryos.
Many employers offer benefits for those with families, workplace nursery schemes in the UK can save working families many thousands of pounds per year.
However, a fertility benefit scheme makes the workplace more inclusive, aiding those who are having difficulties starting a family of their own.

Sleeping Rooms

Meeting rooms might occasionally become unintentional nap rooms – that three hour budget presentation… – but some businesses take this a step further by having a room in which employees can grab some sleep.
Many others have something similar with quiet rooms and meditation rooms.
The idea is clear – people feel tired and stressed at times, taking a bit of time out the day to relax and reset can lead to greater productivity afterwards.
Having a room to actually sleep in might be a step too far for many employers, but a quiet room makes sense for many.

Early Exit Fridays

In summer months, many US companies allow employees to go home that bit earlier on Friday to kickstart their weekend.
The offer is less common in the UK, probably for a few reasons. Our summers aren’t always amazing, also it is far less common to head off on a lengthy journey just to get a weekend by the beach.
Nevertheless, the benefit is growing in popularity as employers give more thought to employee well being. Your work for the week is done – head home early.

Pawternity Leave

Somehow, we have a feeling this one will never become widespread!
Some employers offer paid time off to look after a new pet – this varying from paid time off for veterinary appointments through to two weeks off to care for a new pet. That seems generous!
Whether it will catch in the UK remains to be seen…
‘Have you seen Greg?’
‘No, why?’
‘Oh, he was due to file that really important set of company accounts by today.’
‘Ahh, I’ve just remembered. He’s off for two weeks now looking after Snowball.

More common workplace benefits

If any of the above take your fancy, please do get in touch. However, as leading UK workplace benefit experts and providers we are more used to helping businesses set up other perks as part of a wide suite of benefits.
These benefits should cater to employees of all ages and lifestyles – some perhaps appealing to those with families, others to those who are focussing on fitness, more still on those who are looking to save money on car and phone leasing. They are also easy to manage and typically save the employer money too.
If you would like an obligation free conversation about workplace benefits where you work, please contact us by using our Contact Form.