As any parent knows, the summer holidays can be hard work. So too the Christmas holidays for that matter. And Easter.
The kids are great, but it’s hard to keep them entertained isn’t it? Six weeks to fill, how to do it without overusing the technology and also managing to get work done?
Inevitably, there are going to be trips and days out. These might be to the cinema, the zoo, out shopping or to attractions such as museums, theme parks, safari park and Lego Land. Especially Lego Land!
There might also be a longer trip, the family holiday off to sunnier climes.
All of this costs money and as it’s the holidays the cost is often even more eye watering than would usually be the case.
It is, though, possible to make significant savings if your workplace sets up a Discount Club.
The Discount Club allows every employee to make savings on products and events they would already be looking to buy. There is no obligation to use it, it simply exists as a way to save money. Employees can check the standard price against the price offered through the Discount Club and compare the savings available.
The Club is run online, there is a simple username and password system for each employee to use to log in and then browse the available offers, it is as easy to use as any online shop.

Discount Club Savings

Typical discounts available include:
Up to 40% off cinema tickets. When you’re taking a family of four to see the latest blockbuster this can be a significant saving
As much as 30% off High Street prices. Save money on clothes, electronics and more
Significant savings on ticket prices for a whole host of UK attractions, including theme parks, museums and major tourist attractions. if, for example, you’re planning a weekend trip to London you could save hundreds of pounds on entry fees.
Savings on holidays and hotels around the world. Get the same wonderful holidays, only at reduced price. What’s not to like?
Any employee can sue the Discount Club as much or as little as they want. They might use it just for one specific purchase, or they might find they use it for multiple trips and goods, potentially saving thousands of pounds.
For any employee there is nothing to lose. There is no ongoing membership to pay, instead they simply log in and check to see if there are savings on items they are looking to purchase. If there are, they can buy quickly and securely.
However, while the benefits for employees might be clear, why should businesses consider setting up Discount Clubs? We believe there are a number of compelling reasons.

Benefits With Zero Admin

Setting up the Discount Club requires no administration, it can be set up as a workplace benefit through a company such as Enjoy Benefits
The Club is cost neutral to an employer when combined with other workplace benefits
The Discount Club demonstrates that you value employees, leading to higher levels of motivation, job satisfaction and, potentially, staff retention
The business can also benefit through the discounts on offer, for instance savings on hardware. Of course, all levels of employee also enjoy the savings on items such as holidays.
At Enjoy Benefits we can help any business establish a comprehensive suite of workplace benefits, these including workplace nursery schemes, gym membership, leasing on cars and phones and even an Employee Assistance Programme, a confidential, 24/7 helpline that can help employees talk through and get confidential advice on anything that is impacting their life.
To discuss setting up a Discount Club or even a whole suite of benefits, please contact us by calling 0800 088 7315 or using out Contact Form.