When we speak to any new client, we have three key aims in mind:
When we speak to any new client, we keep three key aims in mind:
1. We ensure that the client launches those benefits to employees first that will save the business money in reduced employers NI payments or run at neutral cost.
This then creates a pot of money that is either straight profit or it can be used to pay for additional benefits that will help the business and its employees.
Our benefits that save the company money are childcare vouchers, cycle to work, holiday exchange and annual car parking passes. Our gym memberships run at neutral cost to the company.
2. To allow your employees as much choice as possible.
With our gym benefit employees can choose the gym that suits them best in terms of location, cost and facilities – not just one they are forced to use to get a discount. Wtih our cycle to work benefit, employees can either buy from a national provider or a specalist bike shop – so they get the bike that they really want.
They get to choose as ultimately it is their own money they are spending!
3. We work with clients to get the best take up possible so that employees do then feel valued, appreciated and motivated.
Why not call us today and we can make it happen for you and your employees?