A study reported on BBC News – Health on 14 September says that switching from driving a car to walking or cycling to work improves our well-being.
Active commuters felt better able to concentrate and under less strain than when travelling by car, University of East Anglia (UEA) researchers said. Even going by public transport was preferable to driving, data from 18,000 UK commuters over 10 years suggested.
Researchers said policies encouraging people to leave their cars at home could have a big impact on well-being.
The physical health benefits of exercise are already well known and this study reinforces the idea that there are positive psychological effects too.
So, to all employers out there, why not offer your staff the opportunity to get fitter and healthier with our bike to work benefit or gym benefit? Happier, fitter employees means less sickness absence and perkier employees. Whats not to love?