Death is the great unavoidable. It’s something we all face. And something we will encounter before our own demise. But it’s also the great undeniable.
The destiny we defer from deliberating until absolutely necessary. It is this attitude of avoidance which means many people in the UK do not possess a Will.

wills as employee reward

EMPLOYEE REWARD: Employers can help their staff with their Wills

Research by and Prudential in 2016 showed that 59% of adults in the UK do not have a Will. And the figure dramatically declined among the 35-54 age group with only 32% having a Will: despite this age group being likely to have dependents.
Dying without a will means Government intestacy rules kick in and your assets may not be distributed as you wish.
Effectively, you have lost control of your estate being distributed exactly as you would have wished. And that can be devastating for those left behind.
The absence of a will can place intolerable strains upon family members already being tested by bereavement. Many people have an anecdote of families behaving badly when competing for assets of a departed family member. Some may even have severed ties from family members due to the upset caused by this. Yet it’s all so unnecessary

A Will Providing Employee Benefit

Most people know they should have a Will. But as the figures show, most people don’t get around to doing what they should do.
Employers can hugely help with this avoidant behavior at no cost to themselves.
Simply sign up for free and offer a service to employees whereby they get a Will from a qualified provider at substantially reduced rates using salary sacrifice.
Not only does this has obvious benefits for employees, it has considerable payback for employers.
It shows you care about your employees well-being and will be rewarded with both their loyalty and commitment.
Given the sizeable number of people in the UK currently without a will, it’s likely that there will be sizeable take-up among your team of any Will provision benefit.
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