A recent ICM poll of 5,000 UK employees, commissioned by the Guardian on behalf of Unum, found that basic work-life benefits were among those respondents rated highest.
The article suggests that employers need to “clearly communicate” what benefits are already available and how they can benefit employees. In the Work:Life UK survey, 25% of workers who get help with childcare consider this the second most important benefit. However, 45% of parents surveyed by the Co-Operative a few months ago didn’t even know childcare vouchers existed and what they were for. Another 33% weren’t offered the childcare voucher benefit by their employer, but 22% of those would take the benefit if it was offered to them. Early Years Vouchers can provide Employers with all the promotional material necessary to ensure that all employees are aware of the childcare voucher benefit. Seasonal leaflets for summer holidays and half term are available as well as e-mails on the benefit to send out to staff. To read more on this article visit http://www.guardian.co.uk/worklifeuk/poll/what-would-benefit-you-the-most-poll?newsfeed=true