At Enjoy Benefits, we are on a mission to make the working life of employees better while enhancing the business prospects of employers.
Our mission is based and built on compelling core beliefs.
We believe in employee benefits.
That they are good for employers, to motivate, reward and retain their teams.
We believe they are good for employees helping them to save money on the things that matter like their health and children.
And we believe that health benefits, such as cheap gym memberships and cycle to work schemes, create a healthy, happy workforce which is good for everyone.
But we don’t just preach our beliefs. We practice them too.
Fitness and Work 

IRON MAN: Vic Johnston

One team member, in particular, embodies how far dedication, self-belief and focus can take you, and how the same dedication, self-belief and focus that fuels fitness training can sustain you at work too.
He’s, you could say, a living, breathing example of how our health benefits can help your workforce too.
Company Director, Vic Johnston may be moving towards middle age at 43 but you wouldn’t guess it from his youthful appetite for exceptionally challenging, competitive events.
For most, running a marathon remains the pinnacle fitness challenge, but Vic has taken it further. Much further.  And competes not only in marathons but legendary Iron Man events too.
Organised by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) Iron Man events are fantastically gruelling feats of fitness, stamina and determination, comprising a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bicycle ride followed by a 26-mile marathon –   without a break. They are routinely and rightly called the toughest endurance events in the world. And are 140 miles of muscle-mashing, mind-mangling action from start to finish.
As someone who in eight years of competing has not only finished Iron Man events but Ultra Iron Man events that are even in excess of 140 miles, the obvious question to Vic was ‘Why on earth would anyone want to do this’?
Self-deprecatingly, Vic says it’s simply a way to burn off the pies, and claims even now not to take his fitness that seriously.
“It’s more a way of getting out of the house and getting some time to think.” he says.
“It is the antidote to soap operas and celebrity TV.”
But surely he was always super fit to be in a position to even consider such strenuous events?
“Not really. I used to spend a little time at the gym on occasions but with no aim or plan.”
Since starting to compete, this aimless ambling at the gym has inevitably had to change but the British weather can be a barrier to training that even an Iron Man can’t shift.
“Nowadays, I will swim usually a mile or two in open water in the summer but at other times it has to be in the pools when open water is no longer available – usually due to ice!
You would think regular triathlons could kill your love of running, cycling and swimming, but Vic retains a fondness for all events. However, one, in particular, moves him the most.
Cycle to Work Schemes
“Cycling is my favourite fitness activity. Seeing the beauty of the country we live in, getting to embrace the sights and smells and travel all across the country, getting to see parts that you would never notice in a car
No surprise then that Vic’s a keen advocate of the cycle to work scheme on offer at Enjoy.
“They are a tremendously good thing, cycling is relatively low impact on the joints, but highly beneficial to large parts of your musculature and skeleton as well as your cardiovascular system.
“I also believe it helps your mental well-being by giving you some time to think and escape the day to day of tv, radio, adverts, social media.
“And the more people cycle, the better the cycling infrastructure will become to support the growing number of cyclists.
Mental Well-being
“Cycle to work schemes allow people to save money on bikes to help improve their overall physical well-being, mental well-being, reduce pollution levels.
“And becoming part of an ever-growing and friendly community of cyclists has to be a win win win win.”
And work? How does competing and being fit help you in the workplace?
“The self-discipline helps in all aspects of life.
“The determination to do an event that takes over 18 hours also helps provide the focus that large projects sometimes require, as well as making you more awesome.”
So an employer stands to gain hugely from taking up health-related employee benefits?
“Absolutely. A healthier happier employee is a benefit to your workforce, and your clients.
Health Benefits
“Being healthier and happier has an impact on your colleagues, improves the workplace.
“Being healthier obviously reduces sick days, and as getting more physically fit and active and getting outdoors gives you some stories to tell, it makes your employees more interesting J.”
Not everyone can be an iron man, though, so we asked Vic if he had any advice for anyone in the workplace who wanted to get fit but doesn’t think it’s possible for them.
“Set a goal, and keep the promises you make to yourself. If you say to yourself I will run tomorrow, then you run tomorrow.”
If you are an employee who would like us to help you get fit then you can take advantage of a number of health benefits like cycle to work schemes and gym membership discounts
And if you are an employer who wants to enjoy just a fraction of the discipline and well-being in the workplace enjoyed by an Iron Man like Vic, then get in touch and see how we can help you.