Cycle to work scheme - a great big green benefit

Our cycle to work scheme allows you to have;

  • The bicycle you want
  • From the retailer you want
  • All at a price you want!*


Example of cycle to work scheme saving £320!

YOU BUY Specialized Crosstrail, in black, with safety equipment RRP £1000.00 inc Vat***
YOU SAVE Savings of £320.00 in Tax and NI*
YOU PAY An on the road price of £680.00 but may be subject to a Fair Market Value payment ****

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How the cycle to work scheme works for the employee

  • The cycle to work scheme offers a chance to own really great cycles and safety equipment at affordable prices
  • Choose the cycle and safety equipment you want at the retailer you want
  • Your employer buys the equipment and rents it back to you, you then repay your employer over a fixed length of time
  • No credit checks

How you save using the cycle to work scheme

  • You save Tax and NI on your repayments, from 32% to 47%*
  • You save on transport costs, parking, fuel and servicing costs
  • You get the keenest prices for the cycle of your dreams
  • You get fitter, more productive, healthier
  • Keep healthy and save the planet with great savings on great bikes!

* this varies dependant on Tax and NI levels and is unaffected by the changes to salary sacrifice in 2017 ** savings vary from retailer to retailer, the above assumes no preferential discounts and may be subject to a Fair Market Value payment *** Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover loss or damage, either one of your own choice or one suggested by Enjoy Benefits here **** Fair Market Value depends on the value of the bike and the choices your employer makes on how the scheme is run, and can vary from 0% to 25%