Pay can be hugely painful for employees. Not the amount of pay –  this tends to be a given bone of contention – but ‘how’ they are paid.
Take it as read: payroll problems will sap the morale and motivation of your team. They can also permanently fracture your relationship with your workers.
payroll servicesTake the employee who expects their pay on a regular fixed date and makes arrangements around this, from payment of a debt or bill to promises to their kids of gifts come pay day. It can be a serious kick in the teeth for that employee when their pay isn’t forthcoming at the agreed time.
It’s guaranteed they won’t be rushing into work the next day ready to give their all for you. Yet this scenario is all too common.
A survey by SD Worx of 4000 European employees found that nearly half (44%) had been paid late at some point. The main cause cited for this being system payroll problems.
Payment problems
But late payment isn’t the only payroll problem faced by employers. Wrong payment was also highly prevalent with 48% of respondents saying they had been paid incorrectly.
This year Tesco hit the headlines for accidentally paying 140,000 of their employees an amount below the minimum wage due to issues with a new payroll system.
Clearly, payroll poses serious problems for both employers and employees when it goes wrong – which it all too frequently does.
Which is why outsourcing payroll services makes such sound sense.
Especially when you can outsource them to companies like ours for as little as £19 a month and access an easy to use, online payroll system.
A system where sleepless nights are avoided as pay is made as scheduled every month; nor where you have to continually upgrade payroll systems or keep in step with the labyrinthine laws relating to tax, NI, SMP, SSP and other deductions.
You can read here all the payroll services we can provide you that will keep your business free from payroll problems and your employees engaged and productive,
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