Outsource Payroll Services for Your Employees

Completely transparent outsourced payroll service for your
company employees, easy online service access from £19

The Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll Services

  • Our payroll services on time, every time, will free up your finance team to focus on core finance priorities.
  • Online payroll access for employers and employees
  • You don’t have to invest in any payroll software, or worry about keeping up to date with the ever changing calculations relating to tax, NI, SMP, SSP and other deductions.
  • And no matter how messy the payroll might be in a particular month, it won’t cost you a penny more.
  • Need us to sort out your Worplace Pension reporting? We can do that as well.
The payroll service includes :
  • Salaried and hourly paid staff.
  • Annual and ad hoc payments, such as bonuses.
  • Deductions and attachments (such as student loans)
  • Gross to net calculations
  • Downloadable payslips and payroll forms, eg P60 etc from a secure account
  • BACS payment schedules prepared
  • Online filing including RTI
  • Starters and leavers up to 2% of total staff included
  • Payroll and management reports downloadable
  • Initial data import templates are provided to make transfer to us easy and quick
  • Payroll changes reporting templates provided to make payroll simple and accurate and give you an easy once per payroll reporting system, included in the cost
How much will it cost my business?
Weekly, 1 employee £20.00 Fortnightly, 1 employee £21.00 Monthly or 4 weekly, 1 employee £22.00
2-29 add £1.35 per slip £2.00 per slip £2.70 per slip
30-49 add £1.30 per slip £1.95 per slip £2.60 per slip
50-150 add £1.25 per slip £1.90 per slip £2.50 per slip
150 + £1.20 per slip £1.85 per slip £2.40 per slip
  • P11D by arrangement, normally between £10-£25 per P11D
  • Hard copy payslips, security delivered: £2.50 each inc p&p
  • Bacs payments can be arranged for employees and HMRC at £4 per file plus £0.15 per item, payments made by CHAPS/faster payments and International payments are generally charged at cost
  • All prices subject to VAT
  • Alterations and adjustments over and above the per payroll change sheet may be chargeable
  • Any management reports or enhancements that you need extra please let us know
  • Migration from your current system or provider is normally free but depends on the format and integrity of the data supplied to us
  • Workplace Pension monitoring, reporting and analysis, communicated to pension provider, employer and employee where needed from only £4 per person per tax year, or £0.40 per payslip
  • Payroll Giving can also be accomodated if you are offering that to your staff, £0.15 per item.

Please note

1. Initial 12 month contract required, thereafter 3 month notice period
2. If we are undertaking Bacs payments for your employees and HMRC, all funds have to be cleared with us first and payment method is by bank transfer only Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more information

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