Time is running out for the Childcare Vouchers Scheme, with the Government set to suspend access to new applicants from April.
But that hasn’t stopped MPs and concerned parents from continuing the fight against its closure.
Last month, Parliament debated an e-petition: ‘Keep childcare vouchers open beyond April 2018’, which was signed by 116,000 people.
In the debate, MPs provided a plethora of examples of parents in their constituencies benefiting from childcare vouchers.
They also cited difficulties for parents in signing up for the tax-free childcare scheme.
But to-date, there’s no weakening in the Government’s stance.
An early day motion (EDM)  – designed to draw attention to areas of particular interest – has now been tabled signed by 116 MPs based on the Government’s failure to adequately address concerns about the impending curtailment of childcare vouchers.
The motion cites the following: –

  • childcare vouchers are a widely-used benefit that are popular with parents and employers
  • more than 60,000 businesses of all sizes offer vouchers to more than 750,000 parents
  • childcare costs have risen faster than incomes in recent years
  • a large majority of parents still find their decision to work dependent on the availability of good quality, affordable childcare
  • the lack of any formal role for employers in the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme will lead to falling levels of engagement by employers in the support of working parents around their work-life balance and childcare needs
  • calls on the Government to keep childcare vouchers open alongside Tax-Free Childcare, so that parents can choose the scheme that is most suitable to their needs and offers the most support to their family

Register your Protest Now!

You too can help support the campaign against closure.
It’s incredibly quick and simple to ask your MP to support this EDM if they haven’t already.

  1. Click on writetothem.com and enter your post code.
  2. Scroll down to the “Your MP” section to find your MP.
  3. Write a short message asking your MP to sign Early Day Motion 755 on Childcare Vouchers and stating why you, your family or your community has benefitted from Childcare Vouchers.

About Childcare Vouchers

The Childcare Vouchers Scheme was introduced by a Conservative Party Government in 1989.
It aims to create tax efficiencies to cheapen the cost of childcare for working parents.
It also helps businesses by reducing their NI contributions.
Principally, the childcare voucher scheme operates as salary sacrifice, where pre-taxed and pre NI salary is given in exchange for vouchers for childcare redeemable with approved carers.
For employers wishing to help working parents with the childcare vouchers scheme, click here
For employees wanting to take advantage of childcare vouchers, click here