If you’re at a party or a night out or even just chatting to someone there are certain topics that it can be wise to avoid.

Politics, it’s often best to avoid entering into political debate, especially once everyone’s had a couple of drinks.
Religion. Yep, that can be an awkward one.
Other topics are to be avoided simply because they can be a bit dull.
Take workplace benefits. They are wonderful, they help employees save a tonne of money, they’re hassle free and often a no brainer – you get a service you’d use anyway but at reduced cost.
However, they are also not a topic likely to have you marked out as a modern day Oscar Wilde.

Workplace Benefits – Quietly Saving You Money

With workplace benefits you can save up to 12% on the cost of car parking by setting it up as a salary sacrifice. But, use that as an ice breaker – did you know you can save 12% off car parking – and expect to find yourself talking to thin air.
Workplace benefits can save you a small fortune on gym membership but meet a comment on your toned physique with ‘yes, did you know I got gym membership cheaper as a salary sacrifice’ and any hope of romance will die on the spot.
The same applies to bikes – chatting about a wonderful trip out exploring on your bike might be interesting, detailing how the cycle to work scheme has left you with more money in your back pocket, less so.
Admittedly any of these can work in the right circumstances, find someone who is also looking to make sensible savings and the conversation might flow, but as an ice breaker when you’re just looking to impress their success is less certain.
The same can be true of blogs and online reading. These 15 cats look like European leaders might be more entertaining; these are the tips of the world’s most successful people could seem more inspiring than a post on salary sacrifices but will either actually be as useful?
Take a workplace nursery scheme – read up on it and you will see how the savings can reach thousands of pounds for any working parent. The money saved is enough to help fund all manner of interesting trips and hobbies even if the mechanics of the scheme itself might be poor pub chat material.
Workplace benefits serve to quietly make any employee’s life that bit better.
They help them save money on services they would be using – car parking, travel, insurance, childcare, gym membership, car leasing, dental appointments and many more.

Employee Benefits – For The Good Times, And Bad

They can help employees navigate significant life events. A service such as the Employee Assistance Programme is a 24/7 helpline that employees can call anonymously and get impartial advice and help with any issue. They might be going through a divorce, or have debt concerns; it could be a positive life event such as marriage or new baby – the EAP gives advice and help and helps employers fulfil their duty of care.
Employee benefits can help with everything from leisure – Dining Club membership and Holiday Exchange for instance – through to caring for your family with services such as private healthcare insurance.
And perhaps that’s one of the reasons they’re not the best topic for casual conversation – there’s just not much to get your teeth in to. Workplace benefits help save money and hassle, they make life that bit cheaper and easier. There’s not a huge amount more to say.
All that said, if you do meet someone who isn’t utilising workplace benefits, you’re doing them a favour if you do steer the conversation that way…

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