The answer to this question is most likely an emphatic: Yes!  But you can be proactive in trying to reduce your childcare costs with help from us.
The annual Family and Childcare Trust’s Childcare Survey has detailed a 7% rise in 2018 for nursery costs, with a part time nursery place for a child under two costing an average of over £6,300 per year. The capital has the highest nursery costs with an average of £9,500 per year.
A recent survey by comparison website, Compare the Market, further illuminated the intense burden childcare costs place on working parents. It highlighted among the 200 surveyed the following: –

  • 30% relying on grandparents for childcare
  • 40% sacrifice lifestyle purchases like holidays for childcare

Worryingly, some working parents aren’t sure what help they are entitled to with their childcare costs. A full list of help can be seen here.
Get Support from Us!
Enjoy Benefits has always been a strong supporter of lower childcare costs, having evolved from a business focused on the childcare vouchers system which is shortly to be retired to new applicants
But there is a childcare initiative based on salary sacrifice available to working parents that eclipses even childcare vouchers in savings to be made, and that’s workplace nursery provision. This is available for all children of working parents until they are five years old.
It cuts the costs of your childcare by payments coming out of your wage pre-tax and can help make savings for employers too.
See our dedicated workplace nursery provision site for more details.
Your company needs to form a partnership with a nursery or indeed nurseries of their choice.
By contacting us, we can help plan your options and contributions if you are an employer, or lobby on your behalf if you are an employee.
Take the initiative on cutting your childcare costs today.
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